Hawaii Premiere

Thursday, September 23 @ 1:30pm
Saturday, September 25 @ 3:05pm
Sunday, September 26 @ 4:55pm

Director: Giorgio Diritti
Cast: Thierry Toscan, Alessandra Agosti, Dario Anghilante, Giovanni Foresti and others
Italy, 2005, 110 mins.

The remote Alpine village of Chersogna is dying. The few residents left stay in the community only part of the year, as the young leave to cities and the agrarian lifestyle of the region is abandoned in favor of modern convenience. When a young French family arrives with a herd of goats to set up a farm to make chevre cheese, the community is spurred into long-forgotten activity, reviving an old farmhouse for the new family. But soon, the realities of farming begin to cause friction among the neighbors, and conflicts escalate in the once peaceful hills. This gorgeously shot drama is the first to feature the rare Occitan dialect, maintaining a richly textured authenticity throughout. THE WIND BLOWS ROUND won three international film festival awards, was nominated for five David di Donatello awards and was featured in the 2009 Slow Food on Film festival in Bologna.