Hawaii Premiere

Saturday, September 25 @ 1:20pm
Sunday, September 26 @ 11:00am

Director: Ermanno Olmi
Italy, 2009, 78 mins.

Terra Madre is the international gathering, held every two years in Turin, Italy, of world-wide food producers united in the Slow Food movement, founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986. Promoting biodiversity, sustainability and economic fairness, Terra Madre (Mother Earth) uses the analogy of planet earth as a mother of limited resources who will not be able to continue feeding her growing brood unless her needs are understood and fulfilled. The 2006 Terra Madre convention opens this highly inspiring documentary, where 4000 producers of food crops from around the world seek to find solutions for an ailing planet. The projects of key participants filmed over the next two years illustrate how, through the responsible production of food, humans can return to the role of caretaker, not exploiter, of Mother Earth. Eye-opening ideas, lyrical scenes of farmland and the spirit of eating (and living) well coalesce into a poetic call to action.