Hawaii Premiere

Friday, September 25 @ 5:30 pm
Sunday, September 26 @ 7:10pm

Director: Carlo Verdone (MY BEST ENEMY)
Cast: Carlo Verdone, Laura Chiatti, Anna Bonaiuto, Angela Finocchiaro, Marco Giallini, Sergio Fiorentini and others
Italy, 2010, 115 mins.

Beloved comic actor/director Carlo Verdone stars as a priest who returns to Italy after serving as a missionary in Africa in this delightful screwball comedy. Father Carlo struggled for years over the basic needs of his African community, making him feel more like an aid-worker than a man of God. Hoping to regain his faith in the loving arms of his family, he instead finds his home in an uproar. His aged father (Fiorentini) is prancing about in a tangerine-colored wig, happily spending the family fortune on Olga, his spunky Moldavian caregiver, now wife. Carlo's neurotic sister (Bonaiuto) and coke-head brother (Giallini) are outraged that Olga's daughter Lara (Chiatti) stands to share in their inheritance. But it just might be the free-spirited Lara who will bring everyone together, maybe for the first time.