Hawaii Premiere

Thursday, September 23 @ 8:55pm
Saturday, September 25 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, September 26 @ 2:45pm

Director: Rocco Papaleo
Cast: Alessandro Gassman, Paolo Briguglia, Max Gazzè, Rocco Papaleo, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Claudia Potenza and others
Italy, 2010, 105 mins.

Four small-time musicians decide to make a 10-day trek by foot out of what would normally take 45 minutes by car across their home region of Basilicata (located at the top of the arch on the boot of Italy) in this engaging comedy. Nicola (Papaleo) is a married, middle-aged teacher who feels as though his life is going nowhere. He decides to invite his friends, who equally need cheering up, to walk with him from the west coast to play a concert at the eastern coast on the final day. Handsome Rocco (Gassman) was the star of a local TV show, but now that he's relocated to Rome, his career is at a standstill. Franco (Gazzè) doesn't talk anymore since his fiancée died in a car crash. Salvatore (Briguglia) was so disappointed in love, he dropped out of medical school. The disgruntled four are joined by a grumpy journalist (Mezzogiorno), but along the way, good humor, adventure and the spark of romance take their blues away. Funny, charming and sweetly endearing, this is a road trip you won't want to miss.