Hawaii Premiere
(18 Anni dopo)

Thursday, September 22 @ 11:00am
Friday, September 23 @ 9:35pm
Saturday, September 24 @ 12:40pm
Sunday, September 25 @ 2:40pm

Director: Edoardo Leo
Cast: Edoardo Leo, Marco Bonini, Sabrina Impacciatore
Italy, 2010, 102 Minutes Comedy
City of Florence Award Competition Films - 4 wins and 4 nominations

In this winning road movie, two estranged brothers, traveling in a classically restored Morgan convertible, are obliged to deliver their father's ashes to his hometown in Calabria. Genziano (cowriter Marco Bonini) and Mirko (cowriter/director Edoardo Leo) haven't spoken for 18 years, ever since a mysterious accident involving their mother. After the incident, Genziano emigrates to England, where he is a successful businessman, while Mirko stays in Italy working in their father's auto shop. As they travel across Italy, sometimes accompanied by the beautiful and mysterious hitchhiker Cate, the brothers revisit and fight about various family secrets. A touching and funny work about sibling relations, 18 Years Later showcases the collaborative teamwork of Leo and Bonini, the picturesque Calabrian countryside, and a diverse and bouncy soundtrack.

Taken from the New Italian Cinema Festival - SIFF Cinema Winter Calendar website.